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The Iraq War

A three part series on BBC2 from Wednesday 29 May at 9pm

How did the US and British governments come to make so many mistakes over Iraq?  This is one of the greatest mysteries of the past decade.  In this series, for the first time, top members of the governments involved – not just those of the UK and US but also of  Iraq, both Saddam Hussein’s and his successors’ – describe how they wrestled with the big decisions, and with each other.

Programme One  - Regime Change (29 May 2013)

Programme Two - After the Fall (5  June 2013)

Programme Three -  It’s Hell, Mr President (12 June 2013)

David Herman, New Statesman:

“Brian Lapping and Norma Percy are, without doubt, among the jewels in the BBC’s crown. […] It was like going back to a bygone age. A narrator rather than a celebrity presenter. Just Alex Jennings reading a clear, thoughtful script written and re-written by the production team, just like serious history and current affairs programmes used to be made.  It consists of chasing the key players and intercutting their testimony with great archive film and simple specially-shot footage which is relevant but not distracting. It’s high politics plus.”

The Iraq War is distributed by BBC Worldwide 

Series Producer: NORMA PERCY

Series Director: DAVID ALTER

Producer/Director: CHARLIE SMITH

Assistant Producer: TIM STIRZAKER



Producer Middle East:  HAIDER AL-SAFI

Researcher: SARAH CLARK

Archive Research: DECLAN SMITH

Production Manager: ANNIE MOORE

Director of Production: ANDREW McKERLIE

Executive Producer for BBC: LUCY HETHERINGTON


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