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Inside Europe: 10 Years of Turmoil

For the first time, Europe’s Presidents and Prime Ministers and their closest advisers take viewers behind closed doors as they battle night after night to keep the European Union from falling apart.

In the latest political box-set from Brook Lapping and acclaimed Series Producer Norma Percy, the BBC opens the lid on the fierce arguments and clashes of personalities as Europe’s leaders struggle with crisis after crisis.  

Inside Europe: 10 Years of Turmoil looks at the three that took Europe to the brink.

How David Cameron decided to promise a referendum, and he tried to get a new deal on immigration from Europe in order to win it.

How the Greek financial crisis threatened to destroy not just the Euro but the world economy, and the medicine the EU prescribed unleashed populism - of both right and left.

And how the sudden arrival of hundreds of thousands of migrants in the summer of 2015 put the European project in peril as the member states disagreed over the solution.

Brook Lapping has a track record for getting candid interviews from world leaders and their top advisors in multi-award-winning series like Inside Obama’s White House, Iran & the West, The Iraq War, The Death of Yugoslavia and The Second Russian Revolution.

In the unique Brook Lapping style, these stories are told by those who were in the room when the key decisions were taken.

In this series leaders like French President Nicolas Sarkozy, European Council President Donald Tusk, Commission President Jean Claude Juncker and other top insiders talk not as the usual politicians but as passionate people fighting to defend their project and their countries - with all the conflicts that involves. 

This is the story of how the European Union has faced a decade of turmoil and fracture and how its leaders pitted national interest against enormous challenges.

Episode One ‘We Quit’ (Brexit)                      Monday 28 January, 9pm, BBC Two
Episode Two ‘Going For Broke’ (the Euro)    Monday   4 February, 9pm, BBC Two
Episode Three ‘Unstoppable’ (Migration)       Monday 11 February, 9pm, BBC Two

Currently available on BBC iPlayer